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Reclassify Ina Martin's Kids and Families back to Lineal Members


BIA has been asked now to explain what a Distribute is and if the wording classifies Ina as one. 

According to the 1958 distribution of Assets for Mooretown Ina Jackson was listed as a wife and Robert Jackson was listed as the distributee. Why would a married couple, who has been married for 42 years have to separate land or titles? They are of one flesh.  They shared in distribution. (Jointly). 

In the August 1, 1961 Federal Register it shows Kate Archuleta, Fred Taylor, Robert Jackson and Ina Jackson as distributee’s. 

It seems to be all about someone’s opinion and not facts. BIA states that at no time did a genealogist ever contact them on this issue nor have they reported to a genealogist that Ina Jackson was not a distributee. 

Here is a fact: Robert Jackson and Ina Jackson wrote a letter to the BIA requesting their land be protected and that they both own and built the 80 acres back to health. Signed by them both; this is their words. BIA replied to them and recognizing that they will protect their land. So this would show that Ina was not just a wife, but had ownership. As well as the two 80 acres were split up in 4ths not 3rds. Robert and Ina had 80 acre tract and Fred Taylor and Kate Archuleta split the 2nd 80 acre tract. The BIA owned all 160 acres prior to distribution of 1958 and only allowed homeless Indians to live on property. 

FACTS to Download

All documents are from BIA file for Mooretown Rancheria. These are the facts and cannot be changed. 

The Facts, more to come

Reclassify Ina Martin-Jackson as a Distributee and family as Lineal Members

All records filed with BIA list Ina Jackson as a distributee, no document has been furnished to state otherwise. 

Federal Register dated August 1, 1961

This shows BIA and Federal Government saw Ina as a distributee and not just property of Robert Jackson. 

Robert and Ina letter to BIA

Signatures from Robert and Ina- from a letter sent to BIA stating that they both have lived on Parcel 1 -80 acres, and have both improved the land, they both accomplished this through their own means over the years. See letter below or in blog. 

Original Mooretown Distributee's

Robert and Ina Jackson

Robert and Ina Jackson were both registered with the BIA as Indians. They received roll numbers as well as their kids they had together and the kids Ina had with her first husband. They were the original Native Americans that lived on Parcel 1- 80 acre tract and built it to health at the time of distribution. 

Fred Taylor

Fred Taylor was one of the original Native American land owners of Parcel 2- 80 acres tract. Was married and had two kids. Re-married and the women's family tried to take his land that he has always had and the Jackson's. Letter is from Fred Taylor to right. 

Quote "Mrs. Katy Archuleta, who presently lives in the neighboring town of Oroville.

Kate Brooks Archuleta

Kate Archuleta was step daughter of Fred Taylor.

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